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Singer, Songwriter, Violinist, Producer

"Spherical sounds and riffs, flattered by a transcendent voice, bitter and sweet as honey. Almost disconcertingly beautiful, sometimes light as a feather, sometimes thundering and brilliant."
 - Evgenia Karp, official press release

"An outstanding multitalent from Vienna; walking a fine line between melancholy and uplifting positivity".
 - Florian Maier, KMS review)

"Slowly Lets Go grabs your attention and forces you into a positive way of thinking; an absolute joy to behold. A really unique and contemporary alt-pop/ singer-songwriter track that will undoubtedly find her new fans everywhere."
 - Send me your Ears, review

"Gentle and tender, ethereal and intoxicating (...) a beautiful, delicate, and intricate song from a highly gifted musician who we’ll certainly be keeping a close eye (and ear) on!"
 - Jeremy Bregman, Indie Top 39

photo Pia Kostron, Innsbruck.jpg

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ALL FEMALE Recording, Production and Songwriting Sessions in Vienna

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